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Sky Talent Group, Ltd is a talent agency representing actors in tv, film, theatre, print and commercials. We are a boutique agency, and pride ourselves on our interpersonal connections to our performers. We specialize in highly skilled and experienced performers.

We do not strive to have huge numbers of actors, but rather to represent a group that is diverse and where each performer is unique.  We strive to find new talent and nurture our artists in their artistic development.

Ciel Crosby has been active in the Nova Scotia film and television industry since 1993, and has been an independent talent agent in the Halifax market since 2003. She has been a talent agent, and actor, and acting coach. She graduated from Tennessee Temple University with a degree in Speech Communications-Theatre in 1989. After a brief career in broadcast journalism, she happened into a job representing minors with Aspect Talent Agency in 1993. For the first ten years of her career, Ciel only represented children, and continued to act in TV and film.

In 2003, Ciel, inspired by her mentor, John Dunsworth and other industry heavyweights, decided to open her own agency to represent some of the best and most exciting young talents in Nova Scotia, and created Sky Talent Group. Shortly thereafter, her arch rival and dear friend asked to join the agency. Ciel retired her acting pursuits and began to build a strong adult division in addition to Sky Talent Group’s stellar youth division. Ciel is happily married to her best friend, Paul and together they have three children, PJ, Joseph and Nadia. Her personal hobbies include sailing, camping, photography, videography, creative needlework, travel and attending local theatre.


Ciel loves her role as agent to a roster of talented, funny, slightly mad and gracious actors. She strives to be a unique agent. She prides herself on a personal connection to her performers, and takes great personal satisfaction in recognizing and nurturing talent.  Working with you has changed my acting life from a trial to a civilized undertaking. My last talent agency was often less than supportive, and sometimes less than civil. But it is not like that with you. I don’t know if this is glowing enough to use as a testimonial, but there you have it. I may have worked more often back then, but who knows what that was due to. I feel good about having you as my agent ~Jim Lindsay

The kids relationship with Ciel all started with me (mom) making a simple phone call.  I was looking through the phone book and I saw Talent Agencies and noticed that Ciel was located in Dart.   I was curious so I gave her a call and with open arms after about a 5 min chat about my daughter and why I called her, she said “send me Lacey’s info and a pic and she would take a look at it”.  So I did just that, and Ciel also had also mentioned that due to her age as, Lacey was only 4 at the time, she probably would not get anything until she started school.  I was ok with that, but within about 2 weeks or so after talking with her, Ciel calls me and says Lacey had an audition for a main character part in an upcoming movie (Mom At Sixteen).  Needless to say I was in shock.  We went to the audition and Lacey ended up getting a call back.  After that she gets another call from Ciel saying that Lacey got the part.  Here it is 6 years later and now my son is also a client of Ciels, and I couldn’t have found a more caring and wonderful person to represent my kids, nor do I want to. The kids just love her.  Ciel is fair, kind hearted and wears her heart on her sleeve.  She is truly a great agent and cares about her clients, and she is also a wonderful friend and it is my pleasure to have someone like her represent my kids.  ~Tracey Harvey-Wolfe

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